Saturday, 3 December 2011

Outfit: A grin on green.

What am I wearing: Fluffy shawl, black leather, green fur and shiny plum shoes. Because I was planning to see the epic Nosferatu at the equally epic Prince Chalres Cinema. I was also planning to be the star of the cinema. What I did not plan is that while I was taking these pictures the tickets will sell out. Epic fail on all accounts, obviously. Inspiration comes from the movie I didn't see- the drama, monsters, vampires, frequent faintings, creepy castles & fair ladies.

Why am I wearing what I'm wearing:  My imagination went wild again. I wanted to look Nosferatu-appropriate and interesting. I bet I succeeded in looking 'interesting' in a very english sense of the word. As for whether it was cinema appropriate I'll never know. Probably not. But thankfully in London no one really cares what others wear. Unless it's human foetus ear-rings. And even then. Everyone's too self-involved to pay attention to others. Trust me. I know.
Now, let's break it down- the dress- long, old-fashioned and boring? But what if it's velvet, fancy and fits- maybe not? But weird in the daytime, right? Right. How about a leather jacket on top to add a modern-day edge? I know, I'm full of brilliant ideas. And what now? Hairy grey shawl or a green rabbit-fur pom-pom scarf? Both. For 2 reasons- 1) I was afraid to get cold (it's good you didn't know I'm Siberian); 2) They're like pets I've never had- a rabbit and a British cat; and I love them both equally.
The shawl was given to me by my friend. It's from Russia. With love (... I can only hope!). It's super duper traditional and makes me think of my grandmother. It also reminds me of heritage and trends this season. Not because my grandma is trendy, but because it's a fantabulous idea to ditch British heritage obsession for one that's closer to your heart instead.

Monday, 28 November 2011

New in: F-troupe booties

What is this? Comfortable, all leather (including soles) student-budget-friendly, funky boots by F-troupe. To me, it's a whimsical remake of Victorian footwear. Shiny plum leather, bows all over the front and a clever zip at the back is an unbeatable combination, even if made in China. Which they are. 
The store is breathtaking, I wanted to take the whole thing home. It's 'part Dickensian Curiosity shop with an eclectic mix of Victorian bric-a-brac.' Inside, they've got odd things like taxidermy animals, antique dolls, shoes and jewelry, imagery of circus sideshow acts (including a bearded woman) and of course, great shoes. Check it out if you're in town.

Why did I buy themI like crazy shoes and I don't like heels. These make me think of grown up ladies shoes from Victorian England, dark magic, long velvet skirts, elaborate jewelry that represents something (think hair bracelets, perfume buttons, heavy sterling lockets, index finger serpent rings, seed pearls, immortalized insects, stuffed animals), big houses with low ceilings, small windows, beams and squeaky floors. Monstrous spiders, bonfires, smoke, fog, crunchy leaves and bad food by candle light.
They also make me think of little girls shoes from whenever, Luella (RIP!) and Vivetta. And bow-ties. And English gentlemen. I guess it's clear by now that pretty much everything makes me think of English gentlemen...

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Outfit: Spinster

What am I wearing? Isn’t a green summery silk dress with yellow dots that belongs to your friends mother, oversized fuzzy sweater, sequined shoes, and really old wool tights with holes a natural combination? Yep, I knew we’d agree on this one. But actually, come to think of it, even though the fabrics seemingly mismatch, I think the proportions and the textures go well together. I wanted to add something  ‘normal’ to this, so my Prada bag served as a cherry on top of my ‘trash’ pile. It was supposed to add some air of 'seriousness' to my hopelessly geeky outfit.

Why am I wearing what I’m wearing? I spent first half of my day pretending to understand black-letter law and I was planning to spend the other half looking at art in a gallery and pretending I understand that too. I got so excited about the second half of my day I switched on my suppressed imagination and started having contradictory inspirational figures in my head, like a mix between Vivienne Westwood and Kurt Kobain. Think something crafty, salvaged, sustainable, effortless, personal… Keep thinking…. And… voila! You have the ultimate spinster ensemble. Well, not you, I do. Or maybe it’s more of a bad movie- stereotype of a college Art teacher. Maybe both. If I end up alone at the age of 50, we know why. And if I continue dressing like this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Outfit post: Annie Hall double

What are you looking at: Basically, I was very tired and in a rush. I had to face Portobello road on a Saturday. I was very tired and the idea of fighting off idiot-tourists didn't seem very appealing. But I had to do it. Did I mentioned I was very tired? Yeah... So, I guess, subconsciously, I decided that if I wear what I like and if it happens to be sufficiently bright and puzzling, the above-mentioned tourists will jump off automatically (or maybe they just wouldn't even dare coming close) and I would manage to keep my cool. It kind of worked. Or maybe I was just too busy trying to be cool.

What I was inspired by: Annie Hall, obviously. 1970s. Old eccentric gentleman in yellow corduroy trousers and green bow ties. Decent English weather, hence the cut-offs. Notting Hill inhabiting blonde girls. I guess they still like this type of shorts. Think Sienna Miller.

Friday, 28 October 2011

New in: 60's cufflinks

When it comes down to vintage goodies- there surely is no shortage in London. All it comes down to is basically the experience you get whilst you shop. Some of us like to dig for treasures in hidden places, some of us like our treasures cleaned, packed and wrapped. I like both! But this time, for the later experience I headed to Hamstead Antique & Craft Emporium. It's quite an 'eye-candy'. I bought my cufflinks from a gentleman in Antium Antiques stall, who's catch-phrase seems to be- ' it's nice to buy something knowing that it wasn't made in China at 3 o'clock yesterday'. First off- yes it is nice to know that. But on a second thought- haven't I heard this before? From that same gentleman? At 3 o'clock a year ago? Exactly the same line. How bizarre!
I bought the cufflinks anyway. What do you think?

Friday, 1 July 2011

Outfit: Vintage Ungaro

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a genuine vintage Ungaro dress. I managed to dig it out of a charity shop for £30. It's super conformable and super flattering. It's also super versatile, I can wear it to high tea, school, work, and should the opportunity arise, to SE or E LDN. Now, that's what I call a good find!

Monday, 27 June 2011

Bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yay

This is what I wore a while ago to a picnic in Hyde Park. Sunny summer days are a rarity in England thus it is compulsory to gather all your food and your friends and go sit in the park before it starts raining.
I bought the shirt because it reminds me of snoop-doggy dog's outfits in his early videos. Where I come from, looking like snoop dog is super-duper cool whichever way you look at it. Even if you're white and female. This shirt is the real deal- vintage, american and XXL.
I paired it up with some levi's cut-offs because that's as far as my imagination could go with it, a pair of vintage ray-bans (?) I bought in India, and a pair of cream Tom's shoes...
The look wouldn't be complete without some bling, so I added a golden bracelet and a classic watch that reminds me more of Margaret Thatcher than of Snoop Dogg, but I had to make the best of what I had! Plus, it takes away the 'grungy' vibes that I have unintentionally achieved... at least a little.
What d'ya say, girlfriends?

Некоторое время назад я ходила на пикник в Гайд Парк и вот что я решила надеть. Солнечные летние деньки в Англии это редкость и поэтому в принудительном порядке нужно собрать всю свою еду и друзей и отправлятся в парк до того как начнется дождь.
Я купила эту рубашку потому что она мне напоминает прикиды Снуп Дога в его ранних видео клипах. В моих краях (не спрашивайте в каких!) выглядить как Снуп Дог котируется как ни крути. Даже если ты белый и женского пола. Рубашка что надо- американская, винтажная и ХХЛ.
Я решила ее надеть с обрезанными шортами Левис потому что кроме этого ничего к сожалению придумать не могла, винтажными солнцезащитными очками от Рэйбэн (надеюсь?) купленными в Индии и парой тапочек от Томс.
Мой "прикид" был бы незаконченным без "блестяшек", поэтому я надела золотой браслет и классические часы которые мне больше, если честно, напоминают Маргарет Тэтчер а не Снуп Дога, но пришлось использовать то что было! В добавок эти аксессуары убирают намеки на "я Керт Кобайн возрадившийся" стиль, по крайней мере чуть-чуть.
Что скажите, девушки?

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Now you see me, now you don't.

Hello world,
I guess whoever’s reading this now has probably been wondering about what has happened to me and why did I disappear
I could tell you that after losing my mind upon completion of my exams I’ve spent a month on a psychiatrist couch, explaining how and what do I think. How I see dead chickens on the street and how I’m preoccupied with criminals and CCTV cameras in my dreams. I could tell you that I’ve been taking medication to make me feel better… But you know that would be untrue! Ha! Or would you?
Instead, I’ve just been trying to take it easy. Trying to take it easy when it came down to matters that really mattered (as usual) but not shopping. I’ve been very serious on that front, and while we’re on the subject, I’d like to introduce my new little friend- 1970’s take on 1920’s Art Deco jewelry- citrine/marcasite ring. Isn’t it a beauty?

Здравствуйте люди,
Наверное те из вас, кто читает этот блог сейчас пытается понять что же со мной произошло и куда это я ичсезла...
Я могла бы вам сказать что потеряв рассудок по окончанию экзаменов я провела целый месяц на кушетке у психиатра, обьясняя как и о чем я думаю. О том как я вижу мертвых курей на улице и о том как я озабоченно думаю о приступниках и камерах общественного наблюдения в своих снах. Я могла бы вам сказать то что я принимала таблетки чтобы мне было лучше... Но вы знаете что это была бы не правда! Ха! Обманула ли я вас?
На самом деле все было намного хуже. Вместо всего вышепересиленного, я просто решила дать вещам идти своим чередом на какое-то время. Тем вещам которые были действительно важны, но к сожалению не тривиальным делам, как шопинг. Я была очень занята покупками и наверное еще более занята размышлениями о покупках (каюсь, каюсь!). Так вот, пока мы на этой чудной ноте, я бы хотела вам, товарищи, представить своего нового маленького друга- изобретение из 1970ых подражающее драгоценному изделию из Арт Деко эры 1920ых годов- это кольцо из цитрина/марказиита. Красавец, разве нет?

Saturday, 16 April 2011


So what do you do, when somebody finally starts 'appropriating' your brain juice?
Being a pessimist, I have expected all the bad things that could happen to my blog- from not having any readers to losing access to it, with someone 'stealing' my photos/thoughts in between.
Today, I received a comment on THIS POST, from Raffi, bringing to my attention that a certain 40 y.o Australian woman, is using my photos not only as her profile picture on youtube, but also as her background image, and apparently, leading people to believe it is her, on those images. A little weird if you ask me, but harmless, for the time-being, I hope.
This experience, however, makes me wonder if I really want my photos to float in the deep seas of the Internet.
On one hand- why not? Karla from Karla's closet does it, Chiara from The Blonde Salad does it, Leandra from The Man Repeller does it... Aside from these well-known blogs, some less known but nonetheless awesome bloggers share their personal style pictures/tips/thoughts without problems.
On the other hand- is it really worth it? It's no surprise that if you don't want others to steal your pictures, you just keep them to yourself. Not only it is your 'intellectual property', it is also your 'reputation', it's your online identity... Do you really want Godknowswho to save your pictures, use them however they want, modify them, discuss them with their friends?
I am really not sure this is for me.
In addition, the fact that I also write in Russian is another issue. Lately, I have been having referrals from quite shady Russian resources. Don't get me wrong, I love my culture, the history, the people, but although it is full of very intelligent seeds it is also full of very tricky people that I don't want to have anything in common with.
So, what do you do? Any thoughts/recommendations?
Come, reassure me!

Что же остается делать, когда кто-то начинает аппроприировать ваши мозговые соки?
Будучи пессимистом, я ожидала самые разные неприятные события которые могут случится с моим блогом- от того что у меня не будет ни одного читателя до того что я потеряю доступ/контроль к сайту, и то что кто-то начнет воровать мои фото/мысли в промежутке.
Сегодня, я получила комментарий на ЭТУ ЗАПИСЬ, от Раффи, оповествляя меня о том, что какая-то неопределенная 40летняя Австралийская женьшина использует мои фотографии не только как аватар но и как фон всей страницы, и очевидно вводит людей верить в то что на фотографиях изображена она.
Немного странно если вы спросите мое мнение, но безобидно, пока что. Хотя вопрос о том как Раффи нашел мои страницу и почему он/а решила меня об этом предупредить это отдельная тема для размышления...
Этот опыт наводит меня на мысли о том- стоит ли вообще выкладывать свои фото в широкие просторы Интернета?
С одной стороны- почему нет? Многие блоггеры так делают и все у них нормально, возмем к примеру Карлу из Карлас Клозет или Киару из Блонд Салата(понятно что я не хочу писать «зе» кирилицей? ) или например Леандру из Мэн Репеллер. Помимо этих популярных блогов есть так же менее известные но столь же любимые блоггеры которые вывешивают фото своего личного стиля/свои мнения/советы и все у них тоже нормально.
Но с другой стороны- стоит ли оно того? Не сюрприз то что если ты не хочешь чтобы твои фото оказались у кого-то сомнительного в руках держи их при себе. Не только они являются вашей «интеллектуальной собственностью» но они так же есть некоего рода репутация, онлайн личность которую вы потенциально подвергаете опасности...
Кто действительно захочет чтобы чертзнаеткто сохранял ваши фото на своем компьютере, использовал их как хотел и поправлял/изменял, обсуждал их со своими друзьями?
Я не уверена что это для меня.
В добавок, то что я пишу по-русски еще одна проблема. В последнее время у меня были некоторые ссылки с довольно подозрительных русских доменов. Не поймите меня не правильно, я люблю свою родину, Русскую культуру, историю, людей, но несмотря на то что там много очень умных людей там так же довольно много пакостных людей с которыми я ничего не хочу иметь общего.
Ну вот я и выразилась, что вы по этому поводу думаете? Какие-либо советы/рекоммендации?
Давайте, переубедите меня!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New in: Perfect little black dress

Good morning dear readers! The sun is still somewhat shinning in England, which means I am somewhat happy... still! I have to rush to uni in a second, but wanted to leave you with something else for today (failing but still trying to keep up the 'regular' posting habbits!).
Sorry if I don't answer your comments/comment on your posts for the time- being... Keep posting, I promise to catch up.
About the dress- it is, like the cat-skirt that most of you seemed to like from yesterday's post, from Vivetta. In my view this is a great take on a timeless 'little black dress'.... winter-variety! It's made of beautiful black/blue velvet with delicate (but strong!) lace... I love the, what I think is, 20's design on top... Makes my hips look thinner, which is always welcome in my world.
The only thing I don't like about it (and this is just probably due to the size) is that the shoulders are a bit tight... so I feel slightly 'restrained'....
On the other hand, however, it prevents me from slouching, which I've been doing too much lately...

Friday, 11 February 2011

Breaking the 7th proposition by Wittgenstein.

Good evening!
As life gets busier and busier, I have less time to stop and think about things that make me happy...
By this time of the week I am not capable of constructing interesting stories, therefore I am just going to share some 'slice of life' moments with you for now.
All the photographs are merely snapshots, contain no artistic merit whatsoever, but I like them and it's my blog, so Alt + F4 if you want to do something else.

Добрый вечер!
Сегодняшний пост будет немного необычным так как под конец недели я совсем не способна рассказывать интересные истории и только и могу что мечтать о красивом освещении, вкусной еде и ленивых Воскресных полуднях...

Saturday, 5 February 2011

An obsession

Classic shoes are my favourite. Most of the girls are usually obsessed with heels, platforms... Christian Loubitin's, Jimmy Choo's, Manolo Blahniks... Jeffrey Campbell's Lita's!
But I am 'in love' with the Belgian shoes. They are perfectly traditional and strikingly quirky. In my view these can bring a twist and sophistication to any outfit- a formal suit, scruffy jeans, shorts, and especially dresses- plain little black ones, summer frocks, and probably signature Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, considering Belgian shoes have a classical slipper shape.
Belgian shoes were designed by Henri Bendel in the 40's and apparently gathered a large WASP following in the US. Apparently, they are still hand-sewn to this day in the country from which they've taken their name, and come only in 1 4 slightly different styles for women (Genius concept!), but come in every color and material. In my view the Midinette ladies range is the most versatile and up-to-date. They are available in colourful calf leather, animal print, metallic, suede, patent, croco patent, linen, lizard calf leather, ostrich, python,  velvet... and wool!

Here are some of my favourites...

Friday, 28 January 2011

Outraging Public Decency

I wanted to share a picture of Rick Gibson’s human earrings, but then I realized that his exhibition at the Young Unknowns Gallery lasted only a couple of hours and then he and the gallery owner were charged with and convicted of, outraging public decency. Even-though there are rumors that these earrings are currently held in the collection of Scotland Yard’s Black Museum in London, the museum is closed to the public… So, having read the Obscene Publications Act 1959, I have figured that I might be ‘distributing’ this ‘obscene’ image… even-though; personally, I don’t find it particularly offensive.
These earrings were made of freeze-dried human foetuses. The foetuses were given to Rick Gibson by a British anatomy professor and have been preserved for 20 years at the time he made them.
Now, Rick Gibson is an artist, the purpose of art, is often to provoke. And so is often the purpose of fashion. The more different and daring the piece is, the better. There has been a lot of controversy about the use of fur, outsourcing production to countries with little labour/human rights laws, and of course the issue of anorexic-looking models...
But regardless of these issues, we still buy and wear fur, people still shop at Primark (who makes those clothes?!), and anorexic-looking, does not mean the ladies are actually suffering from a recognized medical illness… The art has often been rather provocative and it hasn’t just disappeared. (There’s currently a Robert Mapplethorpe’s exhibition at Alison Jacques gallery- go shock your senses!). Actually, speaking of that exhibition- there are 6 empty frames on a wall, blacked out. Over 'the black-abyss' there are descriptions of what 'should' be inside the frame... In one of those frames they're talking about a man, a bull-whip, his anus etc etc... Fascinating? That's why it's been 'censored'... NOT. The problem is- the picture is hanging right on the opposite wall, full-size and what not... Weird, right? Censorship fail? Maybe? Maybe not... I was too embarrassed to speak to my teacher about it. Go check it out and tell me what you think.

Oh yes, and what do you think- where shall we draw the line between art and beauty, decency and standing firm by our moral values? Morality and ethics depend on our culture, so what is decent somewhere in America might not be viewed as such in Iran, for example. What is censorship like in your country? What is it affected by?

I am SUCH a student... I know, I know.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Fruit cocktail

Looking back at what I have decided to pair my new purple jeans with, I feel like it's a terrible fashion faux pas. But then again, who cares? I admit I am a dilettante.
As I was dressing up I was only sure of one thing- I wanted colour, and I wanted to wear my purple blueberry trousers. Naturally, I thought pink is the best colour to go with purple blueberry, so I opted for a sweater of that colour. Very eurotrash, isn't it?!
Then I remembered it's January outside, so I wrapped myself up in this black/raspberry coloured silk pashmina that my boyfriend gave me last Christmas. And for that extra bit of oddness, I dug a big hat out of my wardrobe and topped my outfit with it! Ha! I believe that made the outfit look rather bohemian. As a consequence, I had a big clash of 'styles'...
What do you think?? Is this too strange, or moderately bohemian?

Saturday, 15 January 2011

YSL and Jean Mahie

my YSL Arty Ovale ring and my 'erotic' ring by Jean Mahie

At first I was reluctant and unwilling to buy this chunky piece of metal with a chunky piece of glass attached to it. But as I gradually learnt about Jean Mahie jewellery, I gave in and bought the hyped up YSL Arty Ovale ring
The story of who Jean Mahie (Jacline Mazard) exactly is, is rather long and irrelevant to what I want to communicate. So I'm not going to say anything apart from the fact she was a law student at some point (as your humble narrator is!) and that she makes the jewellery with her father in law. If you want you can read more about her HERE and HERE.
What's of substance is that all the jewellery is hand made, no pieces are identical, they are inspired by ancient ruins (Jean spent her childhood in Tunisia playing among them) and look like exquisite artisan pieces.
Jean states: “Each item is strictly one-of-a-kind, and sometimes I have to reinstruct new jewelry department managers there are no more like the last one. I cannot copy myself.” source

The jewellery that she and her father in law make is very alluring and unique, and unsurprisingly rather expensive. What is perhaps surprising is that it reminded me of those mass produced chunky metal rings with big pieces of glass attached that all the hype was about. And this is when I gave in and ordered one.
It's true that there are many knock-offs everywhere, but this is something different. These now 'iconic' rings really evoke the feeling of YSL couture jewellery collection, and I don't think YSL would stick their name onto something they wouldn't want to be remembered for.
Therefore, I concluded that for the price YSL ring is retailed for, it is definitely worth it and I think it is a real statement piece in its own kind that will be remembered.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


The sky was usually grey and the streets were unusually empty. However, a Chinese meal on a New Years day wasn't such an original idea as the place was packed.
As for me, I was unusually jolly and wore my usual number (you have seen a very similar one HERE)  that in my view, persistently reminds me of a 'french exchange student', because it's a rather plain ensemble with a touch of oh-la-la in a form of little details- my bright scarf, knitted gloves and a little handbag with strong lines... I really enjoy carrying a tiny handbag with me while I can. It's a lovely feeling to swing your little bag in one hand and hold the hat on your head with the other when the gust of wind blows or when you suddenly need to speed up. Makes me feel very feminine indeed.