Monday, 28 November 2011

New in: F-troupe booties

What is this? Comfortable, all leather (including soles) student-budget-friendly, funky boots by F-troupe. To me, it's a whimsical remake of Victorian footwear. Shiny plum leather, bows all over the front and a clever zip at the back is an unbeatable combination, even if made in China. Which they are. 
The store is breathtaking, I wanted to take the whole thing home. It's 'part Dickensian Curiosity shop with an eclectic mix of Victorian bric-a-brac.' Inside, they've got odd things like taxidermy animals, antique dolls, shoes and jewelry, imagery of circus sideshow acts (including a bearded woman) and of course, great shoes. Check it out if you're in town.

Why did I buy themI like crazy shoes and I don't like heels. These make me think of grown up ladies shoes from Victorian England, dark magic, long velvet skirts, elaborate jewelry that represents something (think hair bracelets, perfume buttons, heavy sterling lockets, index finger serpent rings, seed pearls, immortalized insects, stuffed animals), big houses with low ceilings, small windows, beams and squeaky floors. Monstrous spiders, bonfires, smoke, fog, crunchy leaves and bad food by candle light.
They also make me think of little girls shoes from whenever, Luella (RIP!) and Vivetta. And bow-ties. And English gentlemen. I guess it's clear by now that pretty much everything makes me think of English gentlemen...

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Outfit: Spinster

What am I wearing? Isn’t a green summery silk dress with yellow dots that belongs to your friends mother, oversized fuzzy sweater, sequined shoes, and really old wool tights with holes a natural combination? Yep, I knew we’d agree on this one. But actually, come to think of it, even though the fabrics seemingly mismatch, I think the proportions and the textures go well together. I wanted to add something  ‘normal’ to this, so my Prada bag served as a cherry on top of my ‘trash’ pile. It was supposed to add some air of 'seriousness' to my hopelessly geeky outfit.

Why am I wearing what I’m wearing? I spent first half of my day pretending to understand black-letter law and I was planning to spend the other half looking at art in a gallery and pretending I understand that too. I got so excited about the second half of my day I switched on my suppressed imagination and started having contradictory inspirational figures in my head, like a mix between Vivienne Westwood and Kurt Kobain. Think something crafty, salvaged, sustainable, effortless, personal… Keep thinking…. And… voila! You have the ultimate spinster ensemble. Well, not you, I do. Or maybe it’s more of a bad movie- stereotype of a college Art teacher. Maybe both. If I end up alone at the age of 50, we know why. And if I continue dressing like this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Outfit post: Annie Hall double

What are you looking at: Basically, I was very tired and in a rush. I had to face Portobello road on a Saturday. I was very tired and the idea of fighting off idiot-tourists didn't seem very appealing. But I had to do it. Did I mentioned I was very tired? Yeah... So, I guess, subconsciously, I decided that if I wear what I like and if it happens to be sufficiently bright and puzzling, the above-mentioned tourists will jump off automatically (or maybe they just wouldn't even dare coming close) and I would manage to keep my cool. It kind of worked. Or maybe I was just too busy trying to be cool.

What I was inspired by: Annie Hall, obviously. 1970s. Old eccentric gentleman in yellow corduroy trousers and green bow ties. Decent English weather, hence the cut-offs. Notting Hill inhabiting blonde girls. I guess they still like this type of shorts. Think Sienna Miller.