Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hoarding: F-troupers, the ballad of leopard vs dalmation print, aka shoe-porn.

What: You might remember my plum coloured patent leather bow-booties by F-troupe I posted about back in November... Well, seeing how friendly we got together, I decided to avoid the hazard of getting too attached to a shoe just to find out its tragic death at the most unexpected moment; I went to the store, picked two of the craziest pairs they had and took them home to join the ever-growing family of odd looking shoes. Considering we're fast approaching SS12, these AW11/12 shoes were massively discounted. Which is what? A win win!

Why: Because shoes have a life of their own and thus can add 'liveliness' to the most unimaginative ensembles.
The dalmation print pair will look great with light blue scruffy jeans and a faded red/ or neon loose-knit sweater or a beige t-shirt and a utility green parka on top; or with a black leather skirt and tights with an oversized casual t-shirt; or with black trousers and a blazer for a more sophisticated look, or with an LBD... But I think the pair will work particularly well with bare legs, nude/pink coloured dress and a denim jacket. Can't wait to show you!
The leopard print pair is a more standard choice and goes with everything we've all been wearing for the past 2 years- skinny jeans of all sorts, mini skirts, maxi dresses, black, cream, green, gold, red, denim, lace... and everything else, aside from any other 'animal' related references. Really. It's almost a safe choice.
While I understand how these might be 'a little bit' too much for some, for me they epitomise just the right mix of practical, eccentric and over-the-top ingredients for a perfect shoe. What do you guys think, would you ever wear something like these?

Monday, 2 January 2012

Outfit: Ghost world Christmas.

What am I wearing: Charity shop salvaged ensemble. The leather skirt cost me 6 pounds and the cute yet absolutely ridiculous sweater was 4 pounds. Tell me just how much you love a good deal and I'll tell you I love it more! These two were meant for each other.

Why am I wearing what I'm wearing: By now, I shouldn't need to tell you that bright red and black leather is an obvious natural combination. What can be better than that? I'll tell you what: a bright red knitted cotton Christmas jumper with a Dalmatian and snowflakes all over. Oh yes. It doesn't get better than this. Top it off with clunky chunky grungy manly boots for 10 pounds and your own mother wouldn't want to talk to you. But you'd be so cool in my world. And that's all that matters. At least around here.

P.S. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!