Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New in: Perfect little black dress

Good morning dear readers! The sun is still somewhat shinning in England, which means I am somewhat happy... still! I have to rush to uni in a second, but wanted to leave you with something else for today (failing but still trying to keep up the 'regular' posting habbits!).
Sorry if I don't answer your comments/comment on your posts for the time- being... Keep posting, I promise to catch up.
About the dress- it is, like the cat-skirt that most of you seemed to like from yesterday's post, from Vivetta. In my view this is a great take on a timeless 'little black dress'.... winter-variety! It's made of beautiful black/blue velvet with delicate (but strong!) lace... I love the, what I think is, 20's design on top... Makes my hips look thinner, which is always welcome in my world.
The only thing I don't like about it (and this is just probably due to the size) is that the shoulders are a bit tight... so I feel slightly 'restrained'....
On the other hand, however, it prevents me from slouching, which I've been doing too much lately...

I am wearing:

Dress- Vivetta
Tights- John Lewis


  1. кружева меня покорили!

  2. The lace detail is very pretty.And I also love the little bow on the back.Beautiful dress:)

  3. this dress is absolutely timeless and so pretty! the back is perfect, what a nice piece you got yourself girl!!! I am sure you'll be wearing it for a long time.
    PS: is the sun still shinning in England? Here it is sadly gone...hopefully only for today!

  4. You're really pretty!
    Follow me babe,if u like,on!

  5. Katenka- rada shto ponravili's kruzheva ;)

    Dora Cruceru- the bow at the back is my favourite detail as well :)

    Tereza Anton- yay! I'm glad you think so too... although, on the other hand I think I must have a couple of these LBD's.

    Marta- thanks dear!

    Catita- I'll say immediately- we had sunny intervals today but overall it was windy cold and miserable- what i'm used to :) oh, and it's only gonna get worse with rain on sunday! what about Amsterdam?
    i really hope I will be wearing this dress for a long time... and I'm glad you like how it's made/looks at the back... I was worried it's too small and too tight... so I am a bit worried the lace will break and the dress will be ruined. But I'll keep you posted on this ;) thank you.

    Meg- hmmm.... thanks!

  6. YOu look stunning, love your style :)

  7. you look so beautiful in this dress! love how detailed it is!!!


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