Monday, 28 November 2011

New in: F-troupe booties

What is this? Comfortable, all leather (including soles) student-budget-friendly, funky boots by F-troupe. To me, it's a whimsical remake of Victorian footwear. Shiny plum leather, bows all over the front and a clever zip at the back is an unbeatable combination, even if made in China. Which they are. 
The store is breathtaking, I wanted to take the whole thing home. It's 'part Dickensian Curiosity shop with an eclectic mix of Victorian bric-a-brac.' Inside, they've got odd things like taxidermy animals, antique dolls, shoes and jewelry, imagery of circus sideshow acts (including a bearded woman) and of course, great shoes. Check it out if you're in town.

Why did I buy themI like crazy shoes and I don't like heels. These make me think of grown up ladies shoes from Victorian England, dark magic, long velvet skirts, elaborate jewelry that represents something (think hair bracelets, perfume buttons, heavy sterling lockets, index finger serpent rings, seed pearls, immortalized insects, stuffed animals), big houses with low ceilings, small windows, beams and squeaky floors. Monstrous spiders, bonfires, smoke, fog, crunchy leaves and bad food by candle light.
They also make me think of little girls shoes from whenever, Luella (RIP!) and Vivetta. And bow-ties. And English gentlemen. I guess it's clear by now that pretty much everything makes me think of English gentlemen...


  1. wow!! these look... really different from anything i've ever seen ^^
    looking forward to seeing them in a whole outfit! :)

  2. Мамочки!!! Я зашла на сайт и просмотрела каталог...какие же они прекрасные, причем каждая пара!!!

  3. Wow i like the shoes ! Great Blog like the way you dress up ... Lg DENISE<3

  4. i want them were did yo uget them!! lovely blog!
    hi, i'm doing a christmas giveaway, it would be grat if you'll partecipate!!

  5. Aaaawww, these boots are adorable! To die for! Great find!

  6. those are some serious boots, cute!!

    Oh - Fancy That.

  7. Lovely ankle boots!

    Would you like to follow each other? Just follow me and I'll follow you back!


  8. Can I own these shoes??? They are gorgeous!!

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  9. Love your shoes! You made some beautiful pictures


  10. omg! they are supercute!!!!!! love them :)

  11. They are so gorgeous!! Do they run true to size?:)


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