Saturday, 15 January 2011

YSL and Jean Mahie

my YSL Arty Ovale ring and my 'erotic' ring by Jean Mahie

At first I was reluctant and unwilling to buy this chunky piece of metal with a chunky piece of glass attached to it. But as I gradually learnt about Jean Mahie jewellery, I gave in and bought the hyped up YSL Arty Ovale ring
The story of who Jean Mahie (Jacline Mazard) exactly is, is rather long and irrelevant to what I want to communicate. So I'm not going to say anything apart from the fact she was a law student at some point (as your humble narrator is!) and that she makes the jewellery with her father in law. If you want you can read more about her HERE and HERE.
What's of substance is that all the jewellery is hand made, no pieces are identical, they are inspired by ancient ruins (Jean spent her childhood in Tunisia playing among them) and look like exquisite artisan pieces.
Jean states: “Each item is strictly one-of-a-kind, and sometimes I have to reinstruct new jewelry department managers there are no more like the last one. I cannot copy myself.” source

The jewellery that she and her father in law make is very alluring and unique, and unsurprisingly rather expensive. What is perhaps surprising is that it reminded me of those mass produced chunky metal rings with big pieces of glass attached that all the hype was about. And this is when I gave in and ordered one.
It's true that there are many knock-offs everywhere, but this is something different. These now 'iconic' rings really evoke the feeling of YSL couture jewellery collection, and I don't think YSL would stick their name onto something they wouldn't want to be remembered for.
Therefore, I concluded that for the price YSL ring is retailed for, it is definitely worth it and I think it is a real statement piece in its own kind that will be remembered.

A Jean Mahie lapis and diamond ring via beladora

Yves Saint Lauren Arty Ovale ring

Jean Mahie cuff bracelet via beladora
Yves Saint Laurent Arty Dots ring 

Jean Mahie avant-garde ring via beladora

Yves Saint Laurent Arty Floral ring

Can you see what I'm getting at? Do you agree with me that it YSL rings although, in a totally different league are still unique and iconic in their own way? Do you think it's a waste of money or a valuable addition to your treasure box?


  1. I LOVE these rings!!!<3


  2. the cuff bracelet by Jean Mahie is really cute...I love this kind of pieces...and your rings are very cute and refined :) Ysl pieces are timeless so you didn't waste your money...

  3. Эти кольца просто потрясающие!
    особенно понравилось
    Yves Saint Laurent Arty Floral ring и
    Yves Saint Laurent Arty Dots ring с нежно- зелеными камнями

  4. Giuli- thanks my dear!

    Diane- I'm glad you like Jean Mahie jewelry... I really think it's special... and hope you are right about YSL pieces being timeless! :)

    Katenka- Spasibo shto zashla :) mne, kak yzhe ponyatno, fioletovoe bol'she vsego ponravilos'...

  5. I LOVE the ysl ring !

    What do you think about following each other ?

    Follow me and I'll follow you as soon as possible back !


  6. I'm in total love with the YSL rings and not because they are trendy but because they are very well made ring and I always get soooo many compliments on them. They are great investment peices for the jewelry box!

  7. I like reading you and I agree that YSL will only put their name on something they want to be remembered for like this iconic ring! The midnight blue glass you picked is awesome.

  8. I looove Yves Saint Lauren Arty Ovale rings!
    Wanna have them in all colors :)

  9. I love all the designs, and I think the YSL ring is very good value indeed. And you will always think it is special, so a great buy :)

  10. They are divinee...such beautiful pieces. I love your blog and I'm now following you, would you like to follow me in return? :)

  11. OMG.. this YSL gold ring is beyond stunning.
    You must take a pic next time you wear it
    lee x

  12. Сегодня хотела купить себе кольцо, но не смогла подобрать подходящее, я совсем не ношу ничего золотого и даже похожего на бронзовое. Начала задумываться, быть может все таки начать носить и покупать всякие штуки желтоватых цветов.
    Очень понравилось кольцо Yves Saint Lauren Arty Ovale ring. Красивый цвет у камня.
    Алиса, мы с тобой сто лет уж не болтали, а письма тебе писать бесполезно, да?) Я даже начинаю скучать по нашим разговорчикам.

  13. aaaaa still wants a YSL ring like that!

  14. Thanks for your sweet comment! On ebay you can outbid others indeed! I'm going to follow you, because your blog is lovely too!

  15. все эти кольца выглядят шикарно! очень люблю желтое золото! больше всех понравилось ysl arty dots!

  16. These are fantastic photos! Love all of them!!!

  17. I never buy anything expensive like that, but I do quite like the "erotique" ring because it totally looks like a sperm. And that is cool/funny/ridiculous and therefore totally worth wearing and buying.

    The stone on the YSL ring is so gorgeous! I wonder how hard it would be to make something like that. I wonder if there are similar pieces on etsy.


  18. thanks for sharing! Ill keep an eye out for the collection!

  19. This ring is awsome ! I love it, it's more art than jewellry =)

  20. gorgeous rings! love your blog, im gonna follow you :)

  21. We love one of a kind statement jewelry so thank you for posting these Jean Mahie pieces from The lapis ring and the jade cuff are stunning.


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