Thursday, 16 September 2010

Cool people: Swinging London

This is a lady I admire for her taste and elegance. 
Overall these photographs remind me of what I’ve heard about the Swinging London in the sixties. Vibrant colours on a gloomy day. Twiggy, petit figures, mini skirts, good mood.
The jacket is a true statement piece. In my view, it’s quite difficult to wear because the colour and the structure are so bold. At first, I thought that the dress did not match, that it was over the top and the only way to wear the coat would be either with black tights or black trousers (maybe even leather trousers? Wah!) But then I’ve decided that it’s perfect as it is. The silky check dress and nude tights take away the formality and make the outfit look fresh and playful.

Coat- Vivetta
Dress- Karl Lagerfeld 
Boots- Venise collection
Bag- Vintage, from Pop Boutique

Outfit: Little green dress

Here’s what I wore yesterday. Yesterday was a long, tiresome but fun day. I bumped into some girls in Covent Garden who asked whether they could take a picture of me for the Sartorialist (Really? Oh my god!).
In the evening I went to see the strangest performance- Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo. Still can’t figure out whether it was good or bad, funny or sad. The unusual bit was that it was an all-male cast. The sad thing was that the jokes were not funny but people behind me just couldn’t stop laughing. I did admire the technique of dancing, the elasticity and the ability to be so in control of one’s body. After all, you don’t see men in ballet skirts wearing lipstick everyday. But maybe there is a reason for that.

I like dark colourful pieces. I wanted to dress down but still look feminine; the idea was to look somewhat casual and formal at the same time. To be able to wear this on the street during the day without looking like I've tried too hard and to go to the theatre in the evening.

Green dress- Zara
Scarf- found at a flea market for £1
Bag- Prada
Shoes- French Sole
The jacket is old, leather and brandless...

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Hoarding: Vintage gucci loafers

My adoration for men-inspired footwear for women grows stronger as I get older. Naturally, I could not help myself when I saw a pair of these vintage Gucci loafers in a Charity shop in London for £15, in my size. Not that I needed any more shoes, but then- if I don't need anymore, then who does? I am so greedy, I even almost got in a fight over these, but that's another story.