Monday, 15 November 2010

Outfit: Same.

Recently I have been very lazy and ill.
I fear that I might have only been ill for the first couple of days though. Then, I presume, laziness took over and led to boredom... Which allowed my hypochondriacal tendencies to thrive and provide an excuse not to do much.
My laziness covered a vast number of areas from not doing homework to glum outfit choices.
So here's what I wore on Saturday and Sunday.
Yes, I did wear this bag, shoes and jeans all weekend. But isn't a good blogger supposed to demonstrate how the same pieces of clothing can be matched to produce different results? (all nod please :) )

-Russell and Bromley shoes
- Gucci bag
- Levi's jeans
-Dents gloves
- Super soft and warm cashmere scarf from India
- Vintage hat and coat.


  1. You look great, not sick at all! It's so odd, I'm reading so many blogs and everyone is sick!

    Great outfit, you look so cosy!!

    Sarah XXXX

  2. I love the effect of the red scarf <3

  3. Well, if you're going to procrastinate, might as well do it in style.. :)

    I'll nod, it's a lovely look regardless.

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  5. thank you for your honest opinion...;)) you are pure perfection!!! great style! love this look of yours! love the pop of red!

  6. so pretty, I can totally see why you wore it all weekend :)

  7. Sarah- Thanks! But looking ill and feeling ill contrary to the popular belief are two different things! And there must be some 'blogger disease' going around... so watch out ;)

    Veronica- I'm glad you like the hat... I can't get enough of it atm :)

    Alix- Thank you! I guess the outfit would be terribly glum without the scarf :)

    Thimlebolt- procrastination in style sounds like my kind of thing... sadly :D thanks.

    Emma- I'm glad you like it, thank you!

    Irina- you're making me blush! merci beaucoup <3

    Pop Champagne- thank you for the understanding ;)

    Marella- thanks!

  8. You write so goood!
    And i really think its okay to wear the same thing two days in a row, its less stressful1!

    And that twitter issue.. Lol, i think we can both learn from eachother!

  9. love this look! i wear things days in a row too! no shame, haha!

  10. The outfit is very nice, great and also confortable, ideal for the we.

  11. a very pretty girl!!!

    xx Marina

  12. I'm feeling sick at the moment too!
    But you surely looked amazing! I love the splash of colour the scarf adds to the outfit! And you always have the best hats!


  13. Hey, I always say, if you have an awesome outfit and you're seeing different people those days, wear it twice!


  14. Wow!!! You very, very, very, beautiful!!!)))
    lovely post dear!!!

  15. i hope you feel better soon!

    i love your big red scarf - its such a great way to top off an outfit!


  16. You are hilarious and also have a great hat and gloves. I am following you now....


  17. love what you're wearing, nice and easy!
    and those stairs are gorgeous, is it your home?

  18. You look gorgeous, love the red scarf! sometimes its nice to be lazy! :)

  19. hey, i invite you to participate on my giveaway!

  20. you look so fabulous! like a filmstar on these shots!

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  22. this is such a nice pop of color! <3 this bag is super pretty :)


  23. Amazing combine ! Love it :) I foollow you!

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  25. You look awesome! Really love this photo xxx

  26. yeah, whatever, I think as long as you maintain good hygiene, regularly wash your clothes and don't wear your outfit while cleaning stables, there is nothing wrong with wearing the same outfit two days in a row a couple times in the same week. I mean, until recently, didn't most people only have a few outfits to last them all year?


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