Friday, 28 October 2011

New in: 60's cufflinks

When it comes down to vintage goodies- there surely is no shortage in London. All it comes down to is basically the experience you get whilst you shop. Some of us like to dig for treasures in hidden places, some of us like our treasures cleaned, packed and wrapped. I like both! But this time, for the later experience I headed to Hamstead Antique & Craft Emporium. It's quite an 'eye-candy'. I bought my cufflinks from a gentleman in Antium Antiques stall, who's catch-phrase seems to be- ' it's nice to buy something knowing that it wasn't made in China at 3 o'clock yesterday'. First off- yes it is nice to know that. But on a second thought- haven't I heard this before? From that same gentleman? At 3 o'clock a year ago? Exactly the same line. How bizarre!
I bought the cufflinks anyway. What do you think?

This is the box they came in with

And this, is the box I keep them in- isn't it great? Simple, yet so old-school and useful! I bought it from a Junk Shop, which is literally what it says it is- heaven.


  1. Gorgeous cufflinks! I love vintage clothing and accessories, but unfortunately in my country they are so overpriced. You're so lucky to live in London! :))

  2. Oh my god what do I think? They are just so beautiful!!!! Great blog by the way and yes I will follow you (you sent me a message at IFB).
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  3. Those are awesome!

  4. Love those cufflinksssss! And thanks for the comment :) the booties are by Dune and they're available at Selfridges! Love your blog, I'm following you back xx

  5. ooooh these are cool!xxx

  6. so pretty now you need to show us what the look like with a great white (or maybe even black) blouse!

  7. LOVE these... dont see these too often but they are so stylish! LOVE your blog and thanks for following me... Im excited to see what you have in store as well. XOXO

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