Sunday, 23 January 2011

Fruit cocktail

Looking back at what I have decided to pair my new purple jeans with, I feel like it's a terrible fashion faux pas. But then again, who cares? I admit I am a dilettante.
As I was dressing up I was only sure of one thing- I wanted colour, and I wanted to wear my purple blueberry trousers. Naturally, I thought pink is the best colour to go with purple blueberry, so I opted for a sweater of that colour. Very eurotrash, isn't it?!
Then I remembered it's January outside, so I wrapped myself up in this black/raspberry coloured silk pashmina that my boyfriend gave me last Christmas. And for that extra bit of oddness, I dug a big hat out of my wardrobe and topped my outfit with it! Ha! I believe that made the outfit look rather bohemian. As a consequence, I had a big clash of 'styles'...
What do you think?? Is this too strange, or moderately bohemian?

I thought that this wonderful tree very much complemented my mood at the time.

I was wearing:

-Wrangler jeans
- A.P.C sweater
- Russell and Bromley boots
- Indian pashmina
- Daniele Meucci hat
- Vintage bag


  1. love the last picture, it is so hard to style outfits when it is cold, I feel like our jackets don't always pair with the rest but it is the same for everyone I see!
    PS; Way to go on posting daily, so far so good ;)

  2. ты просто превосходно все со4етала! мне нравится! Цвет есть, стиль есть и свое я ты тоже выразила :) Классно же все !!!

  3. These are gorgeous colours - not a faux pas at all! I hate how everyone wears black and grey at this time of your, so I love your pashmina and coloured jeans. And a fabulous hat is always a good thing.

  4. fabulous colors,which look so well on you!

  5. New style muse, your too wonderful!
    Following. You should come by & visit my blog sometime doll.

    Keep in touch!

  6. очень приятный и теплый look!шляпа,платок и сумка - все так замечательно сочетается!

  7. I would say it is PERFECTLY bohemian, actually. You look so glamorous. And geez, lady, you are such a beauty. :)


  8. really cool boho look!
    like it!

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

    love&rockets, LIE

  9. Catita- thank you! and yes... I'm so tired of coats by now :( I am not sure how posting daily will work out in the long run... but I'm trying ;)

    We Inspire Us- spasibo! prosto kazalos' shto sochitanie rozovogo s fioletovim horoshee, no chernoe ne k mesty... ili rozovoe! v obshem- konfuz :)

    Margaret- I'm glad you approve! ;) And I agree that a good hat is always a great addition to an outfit.

    Marta- thank you sweetie!

    Efren Avila- new style muse? Wow! That's cool... thank you!

    Katenka- spasibo :) rada shto tebe ponravilos'!

    Sophi- aha! You made me laugh :) Thanks a ton!!

  10. wow,love everything , the scarf,hat,bag,coat and jeans :D and you're very pretty :)

  11. I absolutelly adoooored this outfit!!! the scarf, the hat, the colour of your jeans!!!
    Just perfect!

  12. you are great at throwing things together! you've got just the right fashion eye! love this look! its definitely bohemian, not strange at all! great styling!

  13. I'm a fan of color so of course I like this outfit. I feel like you should have a stack of blueberry pancakes to match. in the first picture it reminds me a little of carly simon's outfits. btw, I really really like your purse, esp since it has a long handle and a short one. I got one like that recently and it makes me feel very polished, almost professional.


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