Saturday, 3 December 2011

Outfit: A grin on green.

What am I wearing: Fluffy shawl, black leather, green fur and shiny plum shoes. Because I was planning to see the epic Nosferatu at the equally epic Prince Chalres Cinema. I was also planning to be the star of the cinema. What I did not plan is that while I was taking these pictures the tickets will sell out. Epic fail on all accounts, obviously. Inspiration comes from the movie I didn't see- the drama, monsters, vampires, frequent faintings, creepy castles & fair ladies.

Why am I wearing what I'm wearing:  My imagination went wild again. I wanted to look Nosferatu-appropriate and interesting. I bet I succeeded in looking 'interesting' in a very english sense of the word. As for whether it was cinema appropriate I'll never know. Probably not. But thankfully in London no one really cares what others wear. Unless it's human foetus ear-rings. And even then. Everyone's too self-involved to pay attention to others. Trust me. I know.
Now, let's break it down- the dress- long, old-fashioned and boring? But what if it's velvet, fancy and fits- maybe not? But weird in the daytime, right? Right. How about a leather jacket on top to add a modern-day edge? I know, I'm full of brilliant ideas. And what now? Hairy grey shawl or a green rabbit-fur pom-pom scarf? Both. For 2 reasons- 1) I was afraid to get cold (it's good you didn't know I'm Siberian); 2) They're like pets I've never had- a rabbit and a British cat; and I love them both equally.
The shawl was given to me by my friend. It's from Russia. With love (... I can only hope!). It's super duper traditional and makes me think of my grandmother. It also reminds me of heritage and trends this season. Not because my grandma is trendy, but because it's a fantabulous idea to ditch British heritage obsession for one that's closer to your heart instead.