Friday, 28 October 2011

New in: 60's cufflinks

When it comes down to vintage goodies- there surely is no shortage in London. All it comes down to is basically the experience you get whilst you shop. Some of us like to dig for treasures in hidden places, some of us like our treasures cleaned, packed and wrapped. I like both! But this time, for the later experience I headed to Hamstead Antique & Craft Emporium. It's quite an 'eye-candy'. I bought my cufflinks from a gentleman in Antium Antiques stall, who's catch-phrase seems to be- ' it's nice to buy something knowing that it wasn't made in China at 3 o'clock yesterday'. First off- yes it is nice to know that. But on a second thought- haven't I heard this before? From that same gentleman? At 3 o'clock a year ago? Exactly the same line. How bizarre!
I bought the cufflinks anyway. What do you think?