Friday, 1 July 2011

Outfit: Vintage Ungaro

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a genuine vintage Ungaro dress. I managed to dig it out of a charity shop for £30. It's super conformable and super flattering. It's also super versatile, I can wear it to high tea, school, work, and should the opportunity arise, to SE or E LDN. Now, that's what I call a good find!

It's got some sweet details too...


  1. не могу поверить что я пропустила столько интересных публикацый...
    полностью с тобой солидарна на счет винтажа и старых вещей! сама безумно лублю всё с "историей" и все время пытаюсь представить какой же была эта женщина носившая это до меня...? очень увлекательное занятие...

  2. I'm absolutely in love with this dress, SO gorgeous! I love vintage :)

  3. no way where are you seeing them??? x

  4. that is such a pity I only saw your Bruges recommendations while back in the NL!!! I guess that is my fault for being out of synch with technology and mobiles with internet...oh well, I guess I'll have to go for a 3rd time some other time.
    As for that dress, it is quite unique and I do appreciate a great vintage piece. However I am not so familiar with recycle shops and I will have to pay a visit to one if I am ever in London!

  5. I love charity shopping too, and London also has some great car boot sales, which I scored some cool stuff at.

    I wouldn't say I never shop at H&M or Topshop though. For example, I bought a Topshop dress earlier this summer (admittedly from ebay) and it's nice having something cute and retro that feels kind of sturdy that I don't need to worry about dry cleaning and can wear every day, etc. etc.

    But definitely keep up the charity shopping. I personally can't stand vintage shops... overpriced and frequently full of crap so you still have to dig...

  6. i agree with you!in croatia we don't have two types of vintage shops, here it is called second hand shop...only one type of vintage/charity first i didn't like second hand shop, but once my mom bought great skirt and shirt and i started to wander what other cool stuff i can find there...and once i went with my friend to sc shop i was so excited when i saw racks of clothes just waiting for me to start "digging", i found some really great dresses and end up buying beautiful emerald that is my vintage/charity/second hand shop story! :)) p.s. i love this dress it is beautiful :)


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