Saturday, 30 October 2010

Outfit: Lenghty Halloween vibes

Due to the lack of time and original ideas this Halloween, I wanted to dress as the usual witch for the fancy dress parties I was invited to. Because I'm a witch practically every year around the 31st of October, I try to create variations on the witch theme, sometimes with Morticia Addams in mind, sometimes with Dracula's brides. This time, however, in addition to everything else, I was inspired by the old ladies who never throw anything away and rarely go out of their 'museum' homes... but when they do, they put on half of the staff they own. I, too, have a hard time throwing things away... 
In addition, I wanted to put together something that reminds me of old-times (Halloween, is, after all a holiday of ghosts of the past)... Brilliant Lou Salome came to mind! Being a fan of Nietzsche I recently read 'When Nietzsche Wept', by Irvin Yalom... I was captivated by the portrayal of Miss Salome... Smart and independent. Noble in her manners, well- educated... good looking. Why she didn't like Nietzsche is a mystery to me, because I personally would marry him any day of the week. But tastes differ!
Last but not least influence was the bohemian couple of Sean Lennon and his stunning girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl. I admire the 'supremely confident a touch disinterested' facial expression of miss Kemp Muhl and the way she wears furs!

Cannot wait to read your comments... :)

Streets of London

Hello dear readers! Now that autumn has come in all its glorious beauty, with cold air and sunshine, there's no choice, but to cover ourselves with multiple cosy layers. I notice many cape-shaped coats (especially in camel) these days, but it seems a bit boring to fall for the trend and embrace it in exactly the same way we're being proposed to embrace it. So, here I snapped a couple of photographs of my friend Lisa that I wrote about earlier here, as I quite enjoyed the way she put her ensemble together for a crisp yet sunny October afternoon.
Do you like the way she mixed traditional autumn colours and fabrics? Personally, I'm a little bit surprised the top is fleece and not wool, but perhaps it gives a touch of contrast to the practically all-wool outfit.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Orange coat

Whenever I have big plans for Friday, I rummage through my wardrobe with a hopeless feeling that I have to go shopping again because I have nothing to wear. Last Friday was no exception... I tried to put together an all-purpose outfit for a casual day at work, a romantic dinner afterwards, and a catch up with friends even later... And I didn't want to wear jeans! So I came up with this... Something very comfortable (because of the loose coat and flat boots) yet striking (because the boots are very high and the coat is bright orange). 
What do you think of the result? Anyone else has sartorial dilemmas on Fridays? 

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Cool people: Holly Molly, this is Polly!

Sometimes it's not what you wear, but how you wear it. Polly is actually wearing a summer dress and men's trousers!
Saturated sky (not English obviously) blue and formal grey? Perfect combo. I also think the rugged belt acts as the perfect 'bridge' here, as it smoothes the transition. I love the way she mixed masculine things with girly (and the most unlikely combination of a rain coat with a tank-top).