Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Outfit: Uptown Top Rankin'

Hello dearies!

I haven't posted in what might be a year in Internet time... but I have been doing what we all do, studying, working, sleeping and 'being tired'. All at the same time.
Some of the highlights since my last post were... a man in a fur hat walking down the road with a brief case in one hand and a mouth harmonica in the other; a shifty man in a military-style hoodie with a huge rubbish bag and an equally huge TV inside; Old pictures of Venice by Canaletto and his rivals; Stories about antique spectacles; a vintage 'salad' green lamb fur coat by Prada that I have mentally already bought... but physically it might not even fit me. Opening a glass door of a cafe and having wind blow all the delicate snowflakes inside... A very magical moment, but unfortunately I couldn't see anything, as I was holding the door... so my imagination constructed the rest of the 'picture'.
Last but not least imprint that I still have in my mind was left by two chocolate labrador puppies being clumsy, silly and playful on a curb. (how little do they need to be happy and give happiness!) It was like watching a faulty tape, they jump back up on the curb, fall off, bite each other, jump back up again... Fall off, bite each other. And people were stopping by in astonishment. Magic :)

Now to the outfit.... As I am very busy with the routine, I have no time or energy to occupy myself with any sort of sartorial dilemmas. So, I follow 'the roots', as described by Althea and Donna in their 'Uptown Top Rankin'' hit, in my khaki parka, shorts, a very traditional wool sweater and suede boots. (ok, sometimes I swap this for a khaki dress!)

I guess my recent 'obsession' with khaki and parka's and all things 'roots' could also be linked to my love for gangsta rap[pers]. Those individuals always seem to wear some sort of a laid back number with a hood.

She looks like such a gangster, too.

I was wearing:

- Gap faux fur parka
- Same indian scarf as before
- Russell and Bromley boots
- Wolford merino wool tights
- Zara sweater
- American Apparel khaki shorts
- Gucci tote bag


  1. Great outfit! I still don't think I can do tights under shorts. I have very stubby legs. Oh wells, you look great though.

  2. Yay - good to see you again! Yo to strictly roots outfit. Your pictures in words as good as your photos.

  3. Scindy- thanks! I actually bought this shorts for the summer, but realized that they were too sturdy and warm.... so perfect to combine with tights... I have very stubby knees! :) You just need to find the right 'shape' of the shorts for you... !

    Mrs Exeter- Yay! Happy you're glad to have me back ;) and glad you're 'digging' my 'roots theme'! thank you.

  4. Well, somehow you have managed to look amazing in a basic khaki parka. I would look like a fisherman if I ever attempted this. Lovely jumper too.

  5. Must be why they're always rapping about 'the hood'. Nice post, love your hood :)

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  7. Your little sweater is very cute, I love it !


  8. Parkas are wearable at allll time! I like it.

  9. Yeah you got your parka after all! And not the Zara one but I a good pick as well! Great sweater and short combo too! And I love gangsta rap too, I wouldn't have guesses from your Russian doll look ;)

  10. i heard that its snowing a lot in london!! better stop soon as im flying back in two weeks and i will not be pleased if gatwick is closed..

    the puppies sound so adorable though, i love it when german shepherds are puppies and they have these massive oversized paws and ears and they fall over all the time like bambi :)

  11. I love, love, love the fur hood on your coat! It's fabulous. Lovely blog, I'm following :)

  12. Sounds like a plethora of amazing moments, I think the first and the last made me smile the most. And I really am curious this vintage 'salad' green lamb fur coat....


  13. I absolutely love your looks! Great style

  14. great everyday look! love the coat :)

  15. i love this picture!
    You look awesome!

  16. haha i love your obsession with gangsta rap!! i thought i was the only person with a victory song too so its good to know that somebody else does too! :D Never seen Prozac Nation but will definitely check it out, always on the lookout for new films to watch :)

  17. love the first look! xx

  18. Magic, delightful photos, I am fascinated by you in this photo!!! Super look dear)))Your post and blog lovely)))

  19. your photos are great! love this outfit of yours! great parka! i bet it's very warm and cozy!!! nice shoes!

  20. the hood on that jacket is just adorable!

  21. you are so beautiful! i love ur cargo jacket! super cute :)

  22. I just spied you on natalie off duties blog... love your blog! New follower you just did gaineth!!!

  23. hi,you're so amazing,nice blog, I'm your new follower :)
    check out my blog if u want!

  24. What a lovely blog! You're so nice and I like your style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    I FOLLOW YOU! Take a peek at my blog...I hope you like it and if you want to follow me back I would be so glad!!!!
    I hope to see you soon in my wonderland ^^
    kiss kiss

  25. loove the coat!xx

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  27. you are so pretty!


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