Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Hoarding: My goodies

Here are some knick-knacks I found at the market and in what used to be my 'favourite charity shop' in the area, during the past week.

Victorian gold-plated silver spectacles. 
I admire them for the conservative design, scarcity and the use of traditional products that aren't used nowadays (lens are actually glass and the 'nose pads' are actually cork).

Notice the cut of the lens? :)

I can just imagine an old gentleman (say, a doctor!) in a black wool suit, with bushy eyebrows, curious eyes and a snobby nose, secure these glasses on his nose, lift up his chin and carefully read some fascinating books by the candle light on the left and a fire place on the right. With maybe a thick carpet underneath and a dog beside him :)

However, I do not intend to wear them in the traditional way; my idea is to put a golden chain through the little 'loop' and wear these as an accessory to complement my paleness and law books.

Speaking of law books...

I doubt my Criminal Law tutor will be impressed to see me with this, but I think it is good leisure-time reading not only for people interested in legal history, but for anyone interested in some thrilling controversial stories. It is, however, as thick as most other law-related books... And rather stressful.

I love the old grainy texture of the paper

The book has lovely old-fashioned illustrations. This one comes from the case of Mrs Dyer: the infamous baby-farmer of Reading [1896].

For those of you who are interested in gruesome details, here they are, for those who aren't, just skip the paragraph:

This case is about an old lady, who posted offers of adoption in newspapers saying that she loves children and all she wants to do is to care for them and make them happy. What the lady said was however completely different to what she did. She took the babies and the money (in the old times women who wanted to give their children away had to pay money for them) and then disposed of the babies in the most cruel ways (threw them in the river, strangled, dumped etc). The bodies of over forty babies have been discovered, all in advanced stage of decomposition. However, one of the bodies had been wrapped in a sheet of brown paper and on this, the name and address of Mrs. Dyer were deciphered. The lady pleaded insanity, but it wasn't accepted. One of the witnesses against her was her own  daughter. Mrs. Dyer was sentenced and executed on June 10th 1896. 
Strangely enough, the story emphasizes what the people wore to court and to the execution. The case illustrates that although there is nothing that can be said in mitigation of Mrs Dyer's crimes, it must be remembered that she herself was a fearful product of the times. The society that pilloried the unmarried mother and did little or nothing for the unwanted child, also had blood on it's hands. 

Thankfully, we have moved on since then... 

A little clutch I thought would be good to use either to store make-up or to go to lunches with on sultry summer weekends.

Vintage medium sized Bally clutch

It has a little strap in case I feel inclined to use it. 

I saw a lot of Bally shoes around, but never thought they were very cool (because I saw so many). Now that I've got a bag, I've decided to show some interest and all the vintage bags I see online have some sort of metallic label. Does that mean that mine is fake? Or is it just older? Any thoughts?

A small patent leather Eros clutch from 1950's in perfect condition.

It even comes with a little manual, which makes me smile

C'est tout! What do you think of my finds?


  1. I loved all your ctluchs!!!
    U inspired to buy and get one myself!!! i just thought how cool it would be to personilize them.. add some studs, of raux fur... or ust make a unique and crazy piece, which will reflect your style and cost much more less than YSL bag =)

  2. Lovely finds - I especially like the idea of making a necklace out of the old glasses, if I find something similar I will steal that! What a gruesome story about the old lady.

  3. great finds!!! your clutch collection is divine! and about your question...i live in northwest of US;)

  4. cute, i like the first vintage Bally clutch:)

    xx marina

  5. you were speaking about vintage shoes? usually I am not so interested in those ones because they are tipically too worn out.
    The bags are really fine, good choises!
    I find old books amazing...
    ps: I answered at your questions in my hate/love post :)
    Have a good day!

  6. glasses and clutches are so cool!

  7. how many great findings!! love the red Bally purse! :)

  8. the glasses and the bally purse are amazing.
    I love your blog!
    have a look at my blog there's a new post!

  9. I never stumble upon such great finds when I go to my charity shops. Love this! Takes you back in time

  10. Hello dear!

    Thank you for your comments :) I hope you'll keep visiting the Taste&Style Files.

    I am studying Business Marketing with a double minor in Fashion Merchandising and PR/Advertising. It's a lot of work, but I am determined to finish strong!


  11. cute blog!!! Please check out mine, it's new and i need followers, hope to hear you soon

  12. Absolutely love all the clutches, especially the little one with the embroidery!

    And that story written in your book... shocking!!!


  13. Gotta love the illustrations in the "law" book.

  14. thanks a lot! you found some really great stuff!

  15. lovely finds..The clutches are gorgeous and definitely i can see the vintage glass as an accessory (necklace)

  16. cool findings!! Are you going to wear the glasses?

    Check out our fashion illustrations at ! = )


  17. Thanks for all the comments girls, I really enjoy reading them :) Apologies for the delay in my response!

    A- thanks.

    We Inspire Us- You are absolutely right! Sometimes it's much better to make things yourself, especially if you CAN :) Thanks for reminding me about this, I'll keep it in mind.

    Penny- You're welcome to steal the idea :) I have seen a similar pair of glasses in Alfie's Antique Market which is in Edgware road and takes place every Saturday. I've seen them on the ground floor there. Good luck ;) And yes... criminal law stories tend to be gruesome...

    Irina- thanks for letting me know and I'm glad you like the clutches!

    Marina- thanks dear.

    Diane- I usually don't like vintage shoes because I have huge feet and none of the old shoes seem to fit :D But I understand what you're talking about. However, if you're lucky, you can find them in very good condition. Like in my post first ever post about Gucci shoes :) and thanks, I will check!

    Violetta- Thank you dear.

    Marta- I'm glad you think so! Thanks :)

    Sandra- Thank you!

    CoffeeBlooms- Red bally clutch again?! Thanks... but I'm surprised nobody likes the white one! It's my favourite :)

    Paola- thanks, great blog, I'm following.

    Abi- Thanks and maybe you don't go to the 'right' charity shops! Come on over to England, I'll show you some :)

    Marissa- thanks for letting me know, sounds like a lot of work, good luck! :) and yes, i will visit more.

    Silvia- I will :) we're all in that position at one point or another.

    Vkki- Yay! You like the one with embroidery... I knew you would :) It's also made in Italy ;) and the story is truly shocking...

    Daniele- INDEED! They look like illustrations to a 'children' book or something :)

    Clara- Thanks!

    Kayra- I'm glad you think so, thank you :)

  18. these are really strange but I really like them! and cute blog:)))

  19. those spectacles are beautiful!! i would love a pair of sunglasses with this sort of design!


  20. Thank you soo much for the hearwarming comment :) Really ment alot!

    I really love youre finds! expecially those cute classes! I woud juse them for interior or maybe hanging around my neck!

  21. Bally shoes are actually some of the nicest, most expensive, and well-made shoes around! I love your idea to wear the glasses on a chain. So cute!

    Awesome finds :D

  22. Awesome!!! This glasses are amazing, so original.

    Big kiss

  23. Eden- Strange is good! :D thanks!

    Zarna- I'm sure you could find something similar and then change prescription lens for tinted ones :) it's very easy.

    Cecile- You're welcome darling. And yes, I was thinking about keeping them for 'interior' too :) a necklace is fairly versatile though and i can always go back to the interior or their original purpose.

    Sophi- aha! Well, the design of the Bally shoes I've seen was usually impeccable :) too bad vintage shoes never fit my huge feet!

    S- Thanks!

  24. really amazin vintage post here!

    loooooooooooove it:))


  25. wauw cool stuff :D


  26. i would like to see those glasses worn. the doctor who owned them before would be delighted if you did.
    i like that fact you got a book related to university but is demi-defunct, but it still counts as "proper" reading. i love buying things like that.
    x fi


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