Saturday, 30 October 2010

Streets of London

Hello dear readers! Now that autumn has come in all its glorious beauty, with cold air and sunshine, there's no choice, but to cover ourselves with multiple cosy layers. I notice many cape-shaped coats (especially in camel) these days, but it seems a bit boring to fall for the trend and embrace it in exactly the same way we're being proposed to embrace it. So, here I snapped a couple of photographs of my friend Lisa that I wrote about earlier here, as I quite enjoyed the way she put her ensemble together for a crisp yet sunny October afternoon.
Do you like the way she mixed traditional autumn colours and fabrics? Personally, I'm a little bit surprised the top is fleece and not wool, but perhaps it gives a touch of contrast to the practically all-wool outfit.

-Nicole Farhi coat
- Vintage wool trousers & brief case & necklace
- Uniqlo fleece top
- Gucci black suede boots


  1. fabulous warm and cosy outfit... <3

  2. Love your friend's outfit! Her coat is stunning!!
    I am looking for a cape myself, but just like you I don't want to buy something too cliché... my dream cape would be a black hooded one, but I haven't been able to find it as of now :(

    Have a lovely Saturday!


  3. great face, fabolous...!her hairs cut is perfect to exalt her beautiful face!

  4. She look really elegant and comfy.

  5. Thanks for the kind comments girls :)
    Vikki- a black cape with a hood sounds great! I couldn't think of an original enough cape myself... so gave up trying to find one altogether. But good luck, I'm sure you'll dig one out sometime soon!
    Diane- I know!! She's got such unique features... she's my muse, and I practically forced her to get that haircut. I'm glad you agree with me :)

  6. absolutely love her look! colors are great!

  7. You look amazing on these photos. Hope you will continue blogging here. I love it.


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