Saturday, 30 October 2010

Outfit: Lenghty Halloween vibes

Due to the lack of time and original ideas this Halloween, I wanted to dress as the usual witch for the fancy dress parties I was invited to. Because I'm a witch practically every year around the 31st of October, I try to create variations on the witch theme, sometimes with Morticia Addams in mind, sometimes with Dracula's brides. This time, however, in addition to everything else, I was inspired by the old ladies who never throw anything away and rarely go out of their 'museum' homes... but when they do, they put on half of the staff they own. I, too, have a hard time throwing things away... 
In addition, I wanted to put together something that reminds me of old-times (Halloween, is, after all a holiday of ghosts of the past)... Brilliant Lou Salome came to mind! Being a fan of Nietzsche I recently read 'When Nietzsche Wept', by Irvin Yalom... I was captivated by the portrayal of Miss Salome... Smart and independent. Noble in her manners, well- educated... good looking. Why she didn't like Nietzsche is a mystery to me, because I personally would marry him any day of the week. But tastes differ!
Last but not least influence was the bohemian couple of Sean Lennon and his stunning girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl. I admire the 'supremely confident a touch disinterested' facial expression of miss Kemp Muhl and the way she wears furs!

Cannot wait to read your comments... :)

- Laura Ashley vintage velvet dress
- FailsWORTH hat
- Swarovski robot necklace and bracelet
- Arrogant Cat top with silver ish beads
- Russell and Bromley well-worn brown 'lacey' boots
- Vintage burgundy leather bag
- Happy loves it crystal rabbit ring
- Brand-less jacket and I cannot remember where other rings are from...
- I am also wearing Chergui- Serge Lutens parfume, that smells a little bit of old powder and a little bit of herbal medicine... perfect :)

And now some of the 'inspirations'

Bag lady

Brides of Dracula

Morticia Addams

Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl

And last but not least- Lou Salome, Paul Ree and Frederich Nietzsche


  1. Wow, you look absolutely stunning hun!
    Love everything about this outfit, especially the vintage feel to it...
    I, too, am dressing as a witch tomorrow... I'm afraid I will not be able to be this stylish though!!! ;)

    Have a lovely Halloween!!


  2. i think you definitely captured the Lou Salome vibe. It's the look in your eye in pictures 1 and 2. Hope you have lots of fun at your parties.

  3. this outfit looks great on you! well put together!

  4. Happy Halloween, darling! I just adore this outfit - so retro and feminine!

  5. Vikki- Thanks very much :) I'm eager to see your witchy outfit now! I'm convinced it will be very original in it's own way...

    Daniele- Yay! I'm glad you think I've succeeded in pulling off Lou Salome's 'vibe'... And thank you, I did have lots of fun :)

    Irina- I tried, thanks!

    Marta- you're so right when you said 'retro and feminine'... I think it pretty much sums up the whole concept :) But I couldn't put it into words!

    Clarax- Merci :)

  6. Hi there. Love your blog so much!!
    I hope you will visit or follow my blog:)

  7. Woow you look amazing! Have a nice Halloween!

  8. Love the fur! You look like a N.Y social!

  9. You have also something from Crudelia Demon :)
    Great Halloween choise!


  10. I've been looking for a hat like that for ages. it looks great on you!

  11. Really like this outfit, you did great job, great interpretation of the inspiration!

  12. Beautiful :))))))))


  13. Thanks girls! It's always nice to hear feedback...

    Cecile- maybe, you're right! After all one of my inspirations IS a NY socialite :)

    Diane- you are also right... I've been told this at the party I went to on Saturday :)

    Ellevictoire- I got this hat as a present last year... so they probably don't sell them anymore. But because it isn't a popular brand, maybe they have something similar left, check the website!

  14. thanks for your comments on my blog:) I really like this outfit:) love the fur and really like the jacket!


  15. I love this look, effortlessly edgy and very comfortable! The jacket is awesome!
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