Sunday, 24 October 2010

Orange coat

Whenever I have big plans for Friday, I rummage through my wardrobe with a hopeless feeling that I have to go shopping again because I have nothing to wear. Last Friday was no exception... I tried to put together an all-purpose outfit for a casual day at work, a romantic dinner afterwards, and a catch up with friends even later... And I didn't want to wear jeans! So I came up with this... Something very comfortable (because of the loose coat and flat boots) yet striking (because the boots are very high and the coat is bright orange). 
What do you think of the result? Anyone else has sartorial dilemmas on Fridays? 

- My mum's 80's French coat
- Stuart Weitzman for Russell and Bromley boots
- Dents leather gloves
- Thrifted leather handbag


  1. i think you found a perfect solution! you look amazing in this coat, it's beyond gorgeous!!!

  2. "I rummage through my wardrobe with a hopeless feeling that I have to go shopping again because I have nothing to wear".. Story of my life.. Haha, same problem every weekend!

    But i really loved that coat! Beautiful and stunning! Jelaous.. ;)


  3. you look absolutely amazing in this coat. moms have the best pieces in their closets, but i just regret that my mother's clothes do not suit me...

  4. I LOVE the coat and the boots, orange is such a fabulous colour. And I have that kind of dilemma every single day.

  5. I love all especially the boots and the gloves :)
    your mom's coat is very nice, I borrow too from my mom's closet :)

  6. Все о4ень классное! пальто, леггинсы, сумка! кул!

  7. WOW!!!)))
    Very, very, very, lovely!!!
    Beautiful post!!!
    I love this blog)))

  8. gorgeous coat! i love your blog :)

    love, M

  9. Thanks girls! I really appreciate your comments and thoughts... good to know someone's reading and letting me know the feedback :)
    Also, I'm glad (as much as one can be in such problems) that I'm not alone with my pick-an-outfit indecisiveness! x

  10. wow...amazing coat...your post is always interesting...great autumn colour
    follow you follow me too

  11. thanks for the sweet comment :) Really makes me happy ^^

  12. It's a very nice coat. Lucky you to be it's owner. Come and visit me too soon.


  13. this coat is great and suits you perfectly!
    Pass by my blog!

  14. I love your coat and its warm, fall color!
    xoxo from Hannie

  15. this coat makes my heart beat a tiny bit faster!!! LOVE! Orange gets me every time... It's a special colour... hard to make work, but when its good, its really good! x


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