Monday, 6 January 2014

Did anyone miss me?

What: Some time ago I've ditched the blog and submersed myself into studies and work and harmful habits (including risky pathological 'outervalues' choices). It happened because it was logical at the time. Also, there were some pretty creepy people trying to get friendly (WE ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE). I'm nice but not that nice.
Now I'm back and I have some company. My company is very much like me- charming, Russian, tall, slim, beautiful, clever, modest! But in grander proportions. I call her my 'karmic sister', but to you she's Anastasia (BTW here you can find her wonderful instagram ).

Why: By popular demand, because the world needs me (and I'm better doubled).
Expect to see wholesome & cutesy stuff from Anastasia and all sorts of new twists from me. SOON. And often. And in Russian, too.


  1. Hi Alisa!

    I really like your blog ;).

    I think so I have a great opportunity for you, please contact me at

    Many thanks,


  2. Youn know what Alisa I did. ;)

    Mathieu (France)

  3. Hello Alisa, this is Raúl. Probably you don't remember me =)

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