Thursday, 16 September 2010

Cool people: Swinging London

This is a lady I admire for her taste and elegance. 
Overall these photographs remind me of what I’ve heard about the Swinging London in the sixties. Vibrant colours on a gloomy day. Twiggy, petit figures, mini skirts, good mood.
The jacket is a true statement piece. In my view, it’s quite difficult to wear because the colour and the structure are so bold. At first, I thought that the dress did not match, that it was over the top and the only way to wear the coat would be either with black tights or black trousers (maybe even leather trousers? Wah!) But then I’ve decided that it’s perfect as it is. The silky check dress and nude tights take away the formality and make the outfit look fresh and playful.

Coat- Vivetta
Dress- Karl Lagerfeld 
Boots- Venise collection
Bag- Vintage, from Pop Boutique


  1. this look is lovely!! tha coat is wonderful :)

  2. her coat reminds me a little bit a Jackie Kennedy or Lady Di style :)
    just period classic elegance!
    by the way "Mad" i found yesterday a Zenith camera, it's still at home!:)
    pity, you didn't tell me earlier that you haven't it, I could send it to you as a gift from me:) you wouldn't have to buy it.
    so as you see the traces of the past are still visible, even at home ;)


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